Motion Design
Here's a selection of the motion design projects I've worked on, from in-app animations to infographics brought to life. 
I created all the visuals for Mozilla's Internet Health Report focusing on Internet of Things. The report stated that, even though IoT devices are presented as 'safe', we can't fully control where our data escapes to, and presented solutions on how to fix the problem. 
   Client: Mozilla
   Project: Internet Health Report Winter 2019
   Tools Used: After Effects, Photoshop
Every great product needs an great visuals. As the app's lead designer, I spearheaded the production of the in-app animations and its explainer video - one just as fast-paced as the app's gameplay. Fast transitions, explanatory text, and a catchy music track all come together to create an engaging viewer experience
   Client: Caboodle
   Project: In-app animations and explainer video
   Tools Used: After Effects, Illustrator
Self-initiated projects exploring local cuisine and culture
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